New Half Term - Everyone welcome

We're about to start the new half term on Thursday at 7:45 and we look forward to welcoming any new members. You don't have to be able to sing, just have a willingness to sing!

The last half term was just wonderful, with a great mix of old and new voices. The sound we created together was just great. I'm always amazed how good it sounds and how nice it is to be involved in that sound.

Nickomo will be leading us as usual and getting the best out of us in a fun way.

First half term - great close!

We had a another fantastic evening down at New Oriel Hall this evening. There were about 45 of us this evening. We've had 60 along on a previous night this term, so it felt a bit smaller and more intimate even with these large numbers.

We started a new song this evening - Days, by Ray Davies of the Kinks and got most of the way through, even managing the key change with aplomb!

Fantastic first night of the new term

We've started the term in fine style with the most new faces ever. We were about 45 with at least a third of us new to the choir. It was so lovely to be back and the sound that we made together was just glorious.

The songs we sung were:

Well done to the Water Aid Singers

A very successful day was had by the combined choirs coming together on Bristol Docks for water aid. There were about 300 hundred singers on a very hot afternoon giving a beatiful sound for their 7 songs.

Conducted by Chris Samuel and Ali from a raised platform in front of the steps,  where the massed ranks of many local choirs

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