Another Great Light Goes Out

This seems to be a term of memorials:

We sang 'When a Great Light Passes from this World' in honour of Nick Prater who departed on Christmas Eve - a great personal friend and inspiration with whom many of the group have sung, and whose songs and arrangements have been enjoyed by all of us. Nelson Mandela left us a few days before, and we honoured him with the song 'Long Walk to Freedom'. Although Madiba is missed by many all over the world, there are a lot of singers who feel a special connection, having supported the anti-apartheid movement by singing the songs of the ANC during the times of change. Then on the way to Nick Prater's Memorial Celebration oin Totnes, we heard that Phil Everly had died, which is why we've been working on the Everly Brothers' 'Crying in the Rain'.

So now Pete Seeger has left the building. A really great man who brought the music of the people to the people and empowered a whole generation to sing their songs. We honoured him with a rendition of the great people's anthem, 'We Shall Overcome' - reminding one of the group of her experiences marching with the Civil Rights Movement to hear Dr. King when she was a small girl in the States!

Hopefully that's it for now. It's so so often true that you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

(Is she next?)