First half term - great close!

We had a another fantastic evening down at New Oriel Hall this evening. There were about 45 of us this evening. We've had 60 along on a previous night this term, so it felt a bit smaller and more intimate even with these large numbers.

We started a new song this evening - Days, by Ray Davies of the Kinks and got most of the way through, even managing the key change with aplomb!

This first half term has been just great - the sound we've made each evening has been wonderful. There's been a mix of old and new faces every session and it amazes me the standard of the sound that Nickomo coax's from us, whoever is there. We've had full section in each part, with at least 8 basses each time.

Our set list this evening was:

  • Glory, Glory (Una May)
  • Days (Ray Davies)
  • Misirlou (Trad Greek)
  • Thina Simunye (singabondeni)
  • Asalaam Ailekum

Look forward to seeing new faces in the new half term, starting 5-November