Songs we've sung

Singing so many wonderful songs each term, it's easy to forget some of the great stuff we've done. So, to help us remember 

Autumn 2016 (with Nickomo)


  • Great Day (Fransceska Griffith)

  • Hey! (Nickomo)
  • Grad Se Beli Preko Balatina (Croatia)
  • Busi Siwe (John Bowker)
  • Helele Jesu Oyincwele (Raaja Fischer)
  • Everybody's Here (Helen Yeomans)
  • Tea and Buns (Nickomo)
  • With a Little Help from my Friends (Stephen Taberner)
  • Alleluia Slava Tiebie Bozhe (Russian Orthodox via Taize)
  • Until We Meet Each Other Again (Helen Yeomans)
  • On the Sea of Life (Bluegrass Mountains)
  • Perfect Peace (Nickomo)
  • Hosanna (Nickomo)
  • Gloucestershire Wassail (Trad)
  • Gaudete (Trad)
  • Green Growth the Holly (Tudor)
  • Ding Dong! Merrily on high (Trad)
  • Deck the Halls (Trad Welsh)

Summer 2016 (with Sheila)

  • Great Day!
  • Alluta Continua (Portuguese protest song)
  • Country Life (Sheila Tang)
  • August (Brendan Taffe)
  • Glory to the World
  • Wild Mountain Thyme (arr. Suan Penlington)
  • Agawa bay (Brendan Taffe)
  • Daisise White (Village Harmony)
  • Down By the Riverside (Roxane Smith)

Spring 2016 (with Nickomo)

  • Do the Right Thing (Bruce Knight - after Ages to Ages)
  • Dream Our Dream (Helen Yeomans)
  • Love Call Me Home (Peggy Seeger arr.Peter Amidon)
  • Ganesha Sharanam (Harmonic Temple)
  • Mungu Ni Mwema (from Democratic Repblic of Congo arr.Edo Bumba)
  • Ain't Gonna Study War (Roxanne Smith)
  • My Love For You (Ali Burns)
  • Ave Maria (Nick Prater)
  • Fidget's Gospel (Sheila Macbeth)
  • Protection Chant (Harmonic Temple)
  • A Briar Around the Rose (Tom Waitts)
  • Kyrie Eleison (Harmonic Temple)
  • Sith-Shaimh Leat (Harmonic Temple)
  • Masithi (South African Gospel)
  • E Hara (Maori Prayer Song arr. Nick Prater)
  • Return Again (Kahn/Carlebach arr. Nick Petts)


Autumn 2015 (with Nickomo)

  • Heart Beat (Nick Prater)
  • Jenga (Juliet Russell)
  • I Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Set On Freedom (USA Civil Rights Song)
  • Alainn Air Gach Taobh (Harmonic Temple)
  • A Little Bit of Love (Nickomo)
  • May Goodwill (Harmonic Temple)
  • Dubula (Sotho Football Song)
  • Peace (Alison Whittall)
  • Bright Morning Star's Arising (Appalachian Gospel)
  • A Quiet Place (Harmonic Temple)
  • Bring Us In Good Ale (Old English circa 1460)
  • There is Silence in my Heart Tonight (Alison Burns)
  • Peace on Earth (Harmonic Temple)


Summer 2015 (with Sheila)

  • Jack o' Dreams (Bill Caddick arr. Sheila Tang)
  • Forever Young (Bob Dylan arr.Nickomo)
  • Sun Arise (Helen Yeomans)
  • O Round Mother Earth (Earth Chant arr. Sheila Tang)
  • Parting Friends (Shape Note)
  • Sweet Inspiration (arr. Nick Petts)


Spring 2015 (with Nickomo)

  • That's All Right (Gospel)
  • Posakala Mila Mama (Bulgarian)
  • Kadosh (Harmonic Temple)
  • Lay it Down (Nickomo)
  • Ubi Caritas Deus ibi est (Taize)
  • Jesu Kantwana (South Africa)
  • The Blacksmith (English folksong)
  • May the Long Time Sun (Sikh Blessing arr. Nick Petts)
  • Alleluia 17 (Taize)
  • Until The World is Singing (Susie Prater)
  • How Sweet the Sound (Gitika Partington)
  • Follow the Heron (Karine Polwart arr.Nickomo)
  • Thula Thula (Harmonic Temple)
  • Kyrie 21 (Taize)


Autumn 2014 (with Nickomo)

  • Just Sing! (Charlie Thompson)
  • Tuonane Paradiso (Botswana)
  • Unto This Land (Helen Yeomans)
  • Peace on Earth (Harmonic Temple)
  • Sithi Molweni (South Africa)
  • Do Not Pass Me By (Gospel)
  • Ali (Unknown Origin)
  • Wind the Clock (Nickomo/E.B.White)
  • Mouth Music (Nickomo)
  • Halliluia (Russian Orthodox)
  • I'm On An Endless Journey (Tony Wrench)
  • Adonai Li'vlo Ira (Harmonic Temple)
  • Doors Opening (Unknown Origin)


Summer 2014 (with Sheila)

  • Greenwood Lake (Brendan Taaffe)
  • Memories are Made of This (after Perry Como)
  • Get Right Church
  • Ti Hore Mai (Maori)
  • Remember Me (Gospel)
  • Chief Seattle Cycle (Anahata Iradah) 

Summer 2014 (with Ali)

  • Rhythm & Syncopation (round)
  • Moon Moon (round)
  • Great Day
  • Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone
  • Crazy Rhythm
  • Freedom Is Coming
  • All Night and All Day
  • Peace White Dove
  • You Don’t Know What Love Is  
  • Unison In Harmony
  • Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Spring 2014 (with Nickomo)

  • Long Walk to Freedom (for Nelson Mandela)
  • Mbuti Blessing (African Rainforest song via John Bowker)
  • Crying in the Rain (Everly Brothers)
  • When a Great Light Passes (for Nick Prater)
  • Don't Stop that Crazy Rhythm (Charlie Thomson)
  • Thando Onothando (S.African Gospel via Bruce Knight)  
  • Brand New Day (Van Morrison arr. Charlie Thomson)
  • Everytime I Feel the Spirit (Gospel arr. T. Backhouse)
  • Thandaza (S. African Gospel by Jacob Tlou) 
  • We Shall Overcome (for Pete Seeger)   
  • Van Diemen's Land (Scottish Folk Song arr. Nickomo)
  • As it Was (Carmina Gadelica -Harmonic Temple)   
  • Freedom (Harmonic Temple)   
  • The Yeah Song (Nickomo) 
  • Kyrie (Ghana arr.John Bell)       

Autumn 2013 (with Nickomo)

  • Mo' Better Blues (The theme from the film arranged for voices by Bruce Knight)
  • Hlonolofatsa (South African Gospel Song)
  • Tears on my Pillow (The 1958 Doo-Wop classic by Little Anthony and the Imperials)
  • Hold On (Gospel Song rearranged by Pete Linnett)
  • Love is Like a River (Nick Prater)
  • Adonai liv'lo Ira (Harmonic Temple)
  • Stand Up (Kirsty Martin)
  • O Hawaii (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole arr.Raaja Fischer)
  • Brother My Way Seems Cloudy (Jubilee Quartet song learned from Brendan Taaffe)
  • If I Had Words (Saint-Saens/Scott Fitzgerald arr. Bruce Knight)
  • Nice Up Yourself (Reggae warm-up song)
  • Careless Love (Trad USA)
  • Somlandela (Zulu Gospel)
  • Heaven in my Heart (Nick Prater)
  • Mouth Music #1:'Heather' (Nickomo)
  • Walk in the Light (Nick Prater)

Summer 2013 (with Candy Verney) 

  • The Eternal Surge of the Sea (An Ataireachd Ard) (Lyrics Donald MacIver, Uig Lewis, adapted by Eileen Barron)
  • Let's Go (Traditional Gospel, a 1950s arrangement by Tony Backhouse after Swan Silvertones and the Fairfield Four)
  • Purple Light
  • Veinte Anos (Cuba - arranged by Tony Worrall)
  • Hey ho to the greenwood
  • Al chiant'al gial
  • In Ancient Time
  • Allunde allunde
  • Islay Reapers Song (Gaelic words and air from Miss Mactavish, Islay; arranged by Candy Verney)
  • Seal Woman's Croon
  • Well c'mon ah let's go
  • Laughing laughing
  • Bon soir, bon soir

Spring 2013

  • The Voice of the Bard (William Blake/James Burgess/Nickomo
  • O Senhor e Quem Vai Adiante de Ti (Brazil)
  • Dame Durden (English folk song)
  • Voro Ivanicki (Russia)
  • Take it Back (Dorinda Clark Cole)
  • Thandaza (Barorisi Ba Morena)
  • Schumayela (South Africa)
  • The Love You Bring (Helen Yeomans)
  • Somlandela (Zulu)
  • We Belong to the Goddess (Sheila Macbeth)
  • Glory, Glory! (Nickomo)
  • Sulla Lulla (Norway)
  • Piki Yo Ye (Navajo healing song)
  • Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa (Buddhist)

Autumn 2012

  • Now is the Cool of the Day (Jean Ritchie)
  • Something (George Harrison)
  • The Lady and the Serving-Man (Broadsheet ballad)
  • Pigogo (the Children of Agape, South Africa)
  • Sing to the Land (Nickomo)
  • Beatus Vir (Harmonic Temple)
  • Vela (South Africa)
  • I See You (Nick Prater)
  • Hamba Kancane (South African song via Una May)
  • Bright Blessings (Harmonic Temple)
  • En Tout, La Paix du Coeur (Taize)

Summer 2012 (with Jon Conway) 

  • Freedom is coming
  • Wade in the water
  • Sanctus
  • Halle Halle Halle
  • Paperback Writer
  • A Yelle Mama
  • Hit the Road Jack
  • Fly me to the moon
  • Halleluja
  • Steal Away

Barbershop tags

  • Autumn Leaves
  • City of refuge
  • Raindrops
  • Foolish Over You


  • Nade te Turbe
  • Bless the Lord
  • Da Pacem Domine (canon)

Spring 2012 

  • Comes the Singing (Jules Gibb)
  • Tchela (Bernadette Aningi
  • To the Greenwood (Nickomo)*
  • Chinese Proverb (Sharon Durant)
  • Soul Wind (Andrew Swayn)*
  • A Pula Ene! (South Africa)
  • O Senhor e Quem Vai Adiante de Ti (Brazilian)
  • Live in Peace (Helen Yeomans)
  • Plant de Leta (trad Jamaican)
  • Ave Maria (Helen Yeomans)
  • Beatus Vir (Nickomo)
  • Om Namo Bhagavate (Nickomo)

*sung at the Choir Convention April 2012

Autumn 2011 

  • My Little Cup (Gospel)
  • Nga Iwi E (Maori)
  • Earth Blessing (Helen Yeomans)
  • Be True (Harmonic Temple)
  • Ukranian Frog Chorus (Maria Sedowska)
  • The Arms of Love (Chrys Blanchard)
  • Maliswe (S.Africa)
  • Benedictus (Harmonic Temple)
  • She Comes with Mother's Kindnesses (Kathy Galloway/16thc)
  • Sarasvati Bija Mantra (Harmonic Temple)
  • Hu Allah Hu (Harmonic Temple)
  • I Will Rise Above (Nickomo)

Summer 2011 (with Jon Conway)

  • Higher and Higher (adapted by Jon Conway)
  • Soul Wind
  • Sunshine Fire and Rain (Helen Yeomans)
  • Puttin' on the Ritz (adapted by Jon Conway)
  • Everytime I feel the spirit
  • Bamba Lela
  • Little Lize/Shine on Me (Barbershop medley)
  • Love train
  • Let the sunshine in
  • We got all the Love (Helen Yeomans)
  • Wemamizolo
  • Belle Mama
  • Samba Chill
  • Haere Mai
  • Om Arkaya Namaha
  • Om Mane Padme Hum
  • Shee-Yav Lat
  • Namo Amida Butsu
  • Stay with me (Taize)

Autumn 2010/Spring 2011

  • Jrik Jrik Gembala (trad Javanese arr. David Wadyawan)*
  • Line Up (Helen Yeomans)
  • Don't Kneel at my Graveside (USA)*
  • All Around My Hat (Steeleye Span)
  • Conla's Well (Nickomo)
  • Sunshine, Fire and Rain
  • Lay My Burden Down
  • Ewe Thina
  • Keep Your Heart Good
  • Kakilambe

*Sung at the Bristol Choir Convention 2011

For the parts of the first five songs listed there is a teaching CD available from Nickomo.

Summer 2010 (with Fran Bolton)

  • Why do fools fall in love? (Santiago & Merchant; arrangement adapted by Faith Watson)
  • Gentle the land
  • Ya basta
  • We got all the love (Helen Yeomans)
  • God speed (Polly Bolton)
  • The lovely song (Helen Yeomans)
  • Roll me in your arms (Coope, Boyes & Simpson)
  • All my love I bring to you (Helen Yoemans)
  • Irish blessing (arr. Candy Verney)
  • Ke Arona (arr. Siphiwo Lubambo)
  • Peace white dove (Melanie Dolinsky)
  • Under the moon of love (Boyce/Lee) - Showaddywaddy 1976
  • I am that I am (Scott Wood, arr. Dee Jarlett)

 Autumn 2009

Summer 2009

Water Aid songs with Chris Samuels

Spring 2009

  • Wemamizolo (African)
  • Get away Jordan (Gospel)
  • Lost, Lost, Lost - (Nickomo)
  • Ya Hadi (Harmonic Temple - Nickomo)

Autumn 2008

* Sung at the Choir Convention April 2009


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