What We're Singing

Our song list is very flexible each evening. We usually learn 10 or more songs over the term and sing them for a few weeks, building them up as we get familiar with them and then re-visiting them later in the term.

Autumn 2017 (with Nickomo)

  • Kuenda Bwino Bwino (John Bowker)
  • Good News (Gospel arr. Pete Linnett)
  • Mere de Misericorde (Harmonic Temple)
  • This Love will Carry (Dougie Mclean arr. Helen Yeomans)
  • I Want to Know What Love is (Foreigner arr. Eleanor Holiday)
  • Sesimfumene (Zulu wedding song)
  • Sun Machine (David Bowie arr. Jon Conway)
  • Troubled All About My Soul (Kansas City Gospel Quartet)
  • Salve Regina (Old French)
  • Autumn Rains (Nickomo)
  • Pamodzi (John Bowker)
  • La Tenebre (Taize)
  • Satta Massagana (Nickomo)
  • Inchworm (arr. Wendy Sergeant)
  • Anea Hibiwahana (Arapaho arr. Nickomo)
  • Singing Always Cheers Me Up (round by Nickomo)


Summer 2017 (with Clara Atkins)

  • Summer is icumen in (English circa 1250)
  • Famba Naye (Zimbabwe arr. Clara Atkins)
  • Eh Kalina (Russia arr. Chris Rowberry)
  • Deep Down in my Soul (U.S.A. arr. Gitika Partington)
  • Gathering Song (Kindle a Flame) (Iona Community)
  • Yo Yo Yo (Nigeria)
  • Senua De Dende (Ghana)
  • E Malama (M&S Anderson arr.Nickomo)
  • Santo (Argentina via Iona Communiy)
  • Bushes and Briars (English arr. Caroline Rdacliffe)
  • Olam Chessed Yibane (Rabbi Menachem Creditor arr.Clara Atkins)
  • Senzenina (S. Africa)
  • Raindeer Song (Lapland via Sue Hollingworth)
  • Down in the River to Pray (U.S.A.)


Spring 2017 (with Nickomo)

  • Hear the Sweet Birds Sing (Pete Linnett)
  • Live Long Enough (Nickomo)
  • Flame (Susie Ro Prater)
  • As Above, So Below (Harmonic Temple)
  • White Water (Nickomo)
  • Easter Hallelulia (Nick Prater)
  • Thina Simunye (Nickomo)
  • Veni Sancte Spiritus (John Bowker)
  • On the Wings of Song (Nickomo)
  • The Grey Funnel Line (Cyril Tawney)
  • Ibache (Trad. Nigerain arr. Bruce Knight)
  • Who Will You Be? (Dee Jarlett)
  • O So Seo (Geonyong Lee)