What We're Singing

Our song list is very flexible each evening. We usually learn 10 or more songs over the term and sing them for a few weeks, building them up as we get familiar with them and then re-visiting them later in the term.


Autumn 2018 (with Nickomo)

  • Dreamy Doo-Wop (Bruce Knight)
  • Siva Siva (Trad Samoan, collected by Rachel Hoare, arr. Stephen Taberner)
  • Grandmother I Honour You (arr. Susie Prater)
  • Nanayeya (Nickomo)
  • Madre Tierra, Madre Vida (Alonso Del Rio arr. Nickomo)
  • Yava Dunde Umveya (anon)
  • One Life, One Song (Pete Linnett)
  • U Makoti (Xhosa Wedding Song)
  • Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (Harmonic Temple)
  • River of Light (Bee Denning)
  • Return (Helen Yeomans)
  • Awen Chant (Harmonic Temple)
  • Let the Life I've Lived (Joe Carter arr. Andy Davis)


Summer 2018 (with Clara)

  • Lights (Sarah Grey)
  • So Much Magnificence (Peter Makena arr. Wendy Sergeant)
  • All Will Be Well (Juliet Prager)
  • Ise Oluwa (Trad Nigerian, arr. Candy Verney)
  • The Evening Light (Martina Schwarz)
  • Mene Majka Jednu Ima (Trad Bosnian Arr. Samira Merdzanic)
  • Amazing Grace (arr Caroline Radcliffe)
  • Lean on Me (Bill Withetrs arr. Craig McLeish)
  • Fidget's Gospel (Sheila Macbeth)
  • Peace White Dove (Melanie Dolinski arr. Andrew Emmet)
  • Give Me Wings (Alison Burns)


Spring 2018 (with Nickomo)

  • No More Holding On (Susie Prater)
  • I'm On My Way (Spiritual arr. Sweet Soul Sisters)
  • As it Was (Harmonic Temple)
  • Until We Meet Each Other Again (Helen Yeomans)
  • Malembe (Joseph Kabemba Mwenze)
  • May Your Cup Always Be Full (Ali Burns)
  • Here Right Now (Harmonic Temple)
  • Face the Wind (Dee Jarlett)
  • This is Home (Sophia Efthimiou)
  • Under the full Moon Light (anon.Greenham Common)
  • Nyonvchele Ne Je (Ghanian Full moon song)
  • Flowing Spirit (Harmonic Temple)
  • A Bright Day (Pete Lnnett)
  • Hakuna Matata (Nickomo)
  • This is a Wave, I am the Ocean (Emily Roblyn)
  • Travel Hopefully (Nickomo)